Thursday, June 20, 2013

Biggest blunder in The Mentalist is about Diamonds

Diamond does get shattered or splinted when hit with a hammer

In The mentalist (S02E09), Patrick Jane uses a fire extinguisher to try and smash a diamond, suspecting it is fake. Once he hits it, the diamond flies out from under the extinguisher, cracks a window pane and is lost in the office. The very moment when this was aired, i wanted to shout and tell the world that this is not the right method to test a diamond.

Patrick Jane - The Mentalist
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Please do not hit your Diamond with a hammer or heavy objects. It is likely to get shattered or splinted, depending on how hard you hit. Diamond is the hardest substance but that doesn’t mean it is unbreakable. Hardness is defined as resistance to scratching and this doesn’t mean it will not break. Hope you don’t want want to make your 1 carat diamond into two 0.50 carat diamonds Smile Have fun.

by Ramchandra Kumble



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